October Aka the month I purchase a ton of Halloween makeup and use it before the 31st because I get bored



omfg why i hate myself


My favorite “deer” villager, Zell! I swear guys. He’s got a crush on me, He keeps sending me cutesy letters. I’m not even kidding!

Tried a different style of coloring haha! Watercolor like!

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Tonight felt like an Animal Crossing night. SO HERE’S SOME WHITNEY!!!! I can’t wait for the new game tocome out I cry just thinking about it aughsdhfkdsj

I was listening to the original gamecube songs ( CUZ THOSE ARE THE ONLY ONES I LIKE REALLY )’: - I don’t know why they don’t use them in the modern games anymore??)

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Yep ! They will die out in a few months. It’s turned into a new “trend”and we all know those don’t last long. pikachu-3dsxl

These hate filled anti blogs just make me laugh
Yall trying too damn hard to spread hatred into a fandom that sticks together and backs one another up.


There is no escape

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Everytime I try growing a perfect apple tree it turns into regular apples wtf im really pissed off

You can only grow perfect fruit of your original starting fruit


I have my town set to spring for a bit so I can get the spring PWPS and it looks so nice ~